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Health Program financed by EEA Funds 2014-2021

The project “Stabilisation and Professionalisation of Revma Liga Czech Republic” is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014–2021 as a part of the Health project.



About the project

The project is supposed to help the organisation to professionalise and stabilise its personnel. The aim is to preserve, but also to expand the communication channels that focus on the organisation‘s topics, to increase the number of employees of the organisation, to prepare a strategic plan for the future five-year period, to train the employees of the organisation to a professional level, to improve the content of the services provided, to secure a user-friendly environment for the patients and potential members (a helpdesk), to secure a plan of financing and fundraising for the association, to carry out PR and marketing activities and more.




The main aim of the project is the aforementioned professionalisation and personnel stabilisation of our organisation.


The partial outputs of the project are:


  1. Preparation of a strategic plan of the period of 2022 – 2026
  2. Development of content and service quality – Implementation of the exercise module that we are collaborating on together with the Norwegian League Against Rheumatism. https://www.revmatiker.no.
      1. Translation of the European Rheumatism Map.
      2. A plan of webinars, workshops and seminars.
      3. Improvement of four partial services: the hotline for the public, hotline for the patients and creation of a package of background materials for prevention and awareness-raising campaigns.


  3. Financing and fundraising (FR) strategy and a FR plan
      1. Creation of a fundraising strategy (a plan to raise resources) for the activities of the Czech League Against Rheumatism following the organisation’s strategy. Two pilot FR campaigns are planned: one for the public (individual donors) and another aimed at the corporate sector.


  4. PR a marketing
    1. Creation of a communication strategy for three partial areas. The general public, patients and potential members, and the expert public.


Project preparation

The organisation contacted Ing. Martin Dítě and in 2021, they submitted a grant application together that was subsequently approved in its whole extent. The association’s clubs and groups within the organisation were continuously informed on the progress of the grant procedure. By the end of 2021, the clubs were informed that the project was funded in its entirety and the main outputs of the project were presented along with the responsible persons, who will execute the planned steps. Work on the project commenced in January 2022.



Foreign partnership

The foreign partner organisation is Norsk Revmatikerforbund (://www.revmatiker.no/).

The Norwegian Rheumatism Association (NRF) has a clear voice in the public discussion and it is one of the largest Norwegian patient organisations with over 34,000 members. Their business is based on volunteering, democratic processes and solidarity. The organisation strives to ensure that everyone with a rheumatic diagnosis is provided with the check-ups and care that they need and has a good quality of life regardless of their health issues.

The role of the Norwegian partner lies in the collaboration on the implementation of the exercise module and also in the sharing of good practice of the Norwegian patient organisation with the Czech counterpart.



Contact information

Michaela Linkova – Project Manager + Service Quality Content Manager
(michaela.linkova@revmaliga.cz) 731 644 350
David Kříž – Project Manager + PR, Marketing and Fundraising Manager
(koordinator@revmaliga.cz) 722 939 390

Edita Müllerová – Participating member of the management
Hana Týmrová – Participating member of the management
Ing. Martin Dítě – Grant Specialist



Implementation process

January 2022
  • first meeting with the management of the project + the grant specialist
  • the management takes over the individual projects and arranges for professional patronage for the given outputs



February 2022
  • a kick-off meeting with the Norwegian partner
  • completion of the training “Strategic Planning in the NGO Sector”
  • first meeting on the preparation of the strategic plan
  • scheduling of regular meetings of the project management
  • translations of the Norwegian exercise module start



March 2022
  • a meeting on the preparation of the strategic plan for the organisation
  • partners/sponsors are acquainted with the vision of the organisation with respect to the EEA and Norway Grants. They are presented with the main outputs of the project
  • the selection of the platform for project management begins
  • we start preparing a new workshop for doctors



April  2022
  • continuation of the strategic plan preparations
  • preparation phases for the translation of the European Rheumatism Map commence
  • participation in the “Secondary Osteoporosis” congress
  • the selection process to find a guarantor for the Fundraising sector begins
  • the selection process to find a guarantor for the PR/Marketing sector begins


May  2022
  • the Gathering of Delegates takes place on the weekend from 7 May to 8 May, the tasks that arise from the strategic plan are presented here in detail
  • finishing works on the strategic plan document continue
  • the preparation of the PR and marketing outputs for the project starts (kick-off meetings with the activity partners)
  • a translation of the European Rheumatism Map is commissioned
  • the first monitoring report for the project is submitted
  • the preparation of the project HelpDesk for patients begins
  • a workshop is organised for patients


June  2022
  • the strategic plan document is completed
  • work began on the organization’s PR and marketing strategy
  • the translations of the texts of the Norwegian exercise module are completed
  • the search for an IT solution for the HelpDesk and the training module begins



July  2022


  • “PR and marketing for the non-profit sector” training took place
  • analyzes were completed for the preparation of the organization’s fundraising plan
  • the translation of the European Revma map is completed
  • there are internal meetings about the form of the HelpDesk and the Norwegian exercise module